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I had never been a morning person before I started running. A few years ago, I was not even able to wake up at the same time every day, let alone to run early in the morning! Is there something better than staying in your bed until late, especially during winter!?

When I started training seriously, I suddenly changed my idea. I tried many times to organize my work out in the evening, but I often failed. If you have an office job, you know that evening exercise can become a tough challenge. Too many reasons, too many excuses to skip training: you cannot keep refusing after-work drinks or you cannot say no to the last Star Wars movie that is gonna be out just the evening when you planned to have intervals!

One day, I realized how much time we waste by lazing in bed. Once you decide to change your daily routine by sleeping less and getting up early in the morning, you experience a different time perception. Morning is simply the best time of the day to focus just on yourself and do the things you love.

Here some benefits of exercising in the morning!





By exercising in the morning you are gonna feel more energy throughout the entire day. A research led by Bringham Young University proved that people that exercise in the morning are generally more active. You will be more productive, focused, self-organized and less stressed. Indeed, working out in the morning is also an amazing way to boost self-discipline and improve stress management.



It is simple a question of math: if you sleep less, you have more hours for your activities. When you have a tight time schedule, the better thing to do is to add more hours to your day! By working out in the morning, you also leave time for other priorities: you do not need to sacrifice social life or family commitments.


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I am sure you have heard that exercise release magic substances called endorphins. Exercising at high volume intensity in the morning is the better way to start your day: you boost self-confidence and sense of accomplishment.



You are reading right…if you want to sleep better, sleep less! A research conducted by The Appalachian State University demonstrates that while evening work out rises body temperature and makes difficult to feel asleep, morning exercise increases quality of sleep.


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You might have an espresso or a cup of tea, but once you get up you do not have so many distractions that can affect your work out. This is not true for the rest of day: work commitments, fatigue, friends, they are all potential factors that may interfere. Working out in the morning is the optimal solution to ensure that your training schedule is not gonna be interrupted by other daily events. This is essential to stay on track and build consistency.



A study conducted by San Diego State University proved that those who work out in the morning potentially burn an extra of 190 calories after exercise. Why? The answer is quite simple: while people that exercise in the evening start their day by eating, morning exercisers speed up their metabolism by moving and then eating. Moreover, evidence from a study published on The Journal Physiology showed that working out in the morning is the best fat-burning solution: by running out of glycogen, your body starts burning fat quicker.


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Besides showing that morning exercise improves quality of sleep, The Appalachian State University proved that “7 a.m. exercise was better in terms of reduced blood pressure throughout the day”. Therefore, if you want to lower blood pressure, “early morning is probably the best time to exercise”.


…Even if you are not a morning person!

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If you are still not convinced, I will suggest you 4 tips to give early morning exercise at least a try!


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#1: Pack everything in advance

Go bed no later than 11.00p.m., prepare your clothes and your breakfast the evening before. In this way, you will be out in a few minutes.


#2: Eat a small pre-breakfast

By experience, I can say that go running empty is one of the most stupid thing you can do. Eat something small and easy to digest before starting your morning workout, for example some bread with a slice of peanut butter (always the best choice) or jam, some nuts etc…please do not try dairy…


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#3: Warm up

Your muscles are colder in the morning than the rest of the day, so spend more time on your warm up, I would say 5-10 minutes more than usual.


#4: Reward yourself

Fixing a goal is always the best thing to do to keep you motivated. So, reward yourself with a big breakfast and a hot shower.


big breakfast


Every runner has something to tell! Inspire and motivate others! Share with The Running Journey your running story and it will be published in the next post! 😉


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