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You have decided to start running and lose the extra pounds. Congratulations! You took the first step towards your fitness goals! However, combining exercise and weight loss may be more difficult than expected. Your weight loss may slow down or stop altogether. You may suffer from lack of energy during your workout. All these situations can make your journey extremely painful and undermine your motivation. That’s why I am listing 10 mistakes to avoid if you want to cross the finish line!


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Mistake #1: Same routine

Our body has an amazing capacity for adaption. If you are performing the same routine without variation, don’t expect benefits in the long-term. Try to include different workouts in your training plan: intervals, tempo-run, progressive run are a great way to boost your metabolism!


Mistake #2: Running too much

A cardio approach is surely better than anything, but it won’t build your muscles. As a runner, you don’t need to lift or start a bodybuilding plan. Instead, try bodyweight exercises such as planks, push-ups, glute bridge, burpee, squats, mountain climbers…


good carbs


Mistake #3: No carbs

Carbs are the primary source of energy, especially for runners! Instead of banning them, try to choose good source of carbs like cereals, fruits, kamut, whole wheat products…


Mistake #4: No fats

Just because we call them “fat” it doen’t mean that are all the same! Then, don’t forget you need fats to fuel your long runs!  Try to cut foods high in saturated and trans fats and start eating good fats: nuts, salmon, eggs, olive and coconut oil…


protein shake


Mistake #5: Too much protein

(Gym lovers are already tearing their hair out!) Proteins are an excellent nutrition source also for runners, but an excess will be stored in fat. Avoid protein shakes and bars, they are processed food, high in sugar and fats.


Mistake #6: Not tracking your food

One of the most common mistake is believing that you can lose weight without knowing how many calories you really need. You can easily calculate your BMI with online calculators such as IIFYM and track your food with mobile apps like MyFitnessPal.


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Mistake #7: Not drinking enough

Do you know that event when after a long run you ridiculously gain 1 or 2 pounds!? That’s water retention. Water retention is the first reason of weight fluctuation. Drinking 2,5 – 3 liters of water a day will help you in cleaning your body, removing toxins and improving your skin appearance.


Mistake #8: Not snacking

Eating more times a day will help you in controlling hunger and keeping your metabolism high. Choose the right mix of carbs and proteins like nuts, tuna, greek yoghurt, banana, turkey breast…


cheat meal


Mistake #9: No cheat meal

Your mind needs a break, especially when you are training hard and dieting at the same time. A cheat meal once a week will help you in sticking on diet and maintaining a social life.


Mistake #10: Too much too soon

You cannot switch from eating cheeseburgers to having lunch with a salad just in one day! If you start exercising, your body will demand more energy sources. By pretending to lose 5 pounds a week, you risk to get frustrated soon and go back to the old routine. Setting a medium-realistic goal is crucial for a successful diet.


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Every runner has something to tell! Inspire and motivate others! Share with The Running Journey your running story and it will be published in the next post! 😉


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