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You always think about opening the door and start doing some physical activity…but you work all the week, you need to go shopping and then cooking, trying to keep your house clean…Damn! You simply do not have time to run!

This is one of most common excuse for not leaving the couch that might sound reasonable but that surely it is not! The day is 24h and it is sufficient a quick calculation: if you sleep 8h per night and work 8h a day, you have other 8h available. A traditional running workout last 30min/1h, so the only thing that is preventing you from changing your lifestyle is you!

Having in mind that, let us have a look at 5 easy steps that can help you transforming your intentions into reality.


set your goal


Fix your goal and get the right motivation

Before starting any plans, the first thing to do is to identify a short/medium term goal. Your goal should be realistic and achievable without demanding any special superpower. So, be honest with yourself, take into considerations all the relevant variables in your life: work, family, studies and, above all, your physical condition. Once you set your goal, write it down on your calendar, agenda, or at the door of your fridge, wherever you can see it. That will help you to stay committed.


Make it a habit

Until running will become a no-brainer exercise, you need to keep it regular. The easiest way to do that is to create a weekly routine. First, get a running plan: google your goal and download the running programme that best suits you. Second, if you run 3-4 times a week, try to run on the same days by planning a long run in the weekends. This will help your brain to associate those days with activity. Third, reward yourself with a cheat meal every week. If you brain associate activity with reward, running will be a more enjoyable exercise. So, go out, eat a big pizza and a cheesecake.


gym fitness


Buy your training equipment

Investing an important share of your budget can be a good way to keep you motivated. Buy a good pair of running shoes, technical socks, cool hoodies, sweatpants and gloves for winter workouts, a waterproof jacket (yes, you are expected to run in shit conditions, too), earphones if you prefer to exercise with music ad a running GPS if you want to seriously track progress. If you are on the point to give up, I am sure you will remember the sum of money that you spent at the beginning.


Change your diet

Do you want really to become a runner? Plan your diet. Eating properly will support your workouts and help you in making running your lifestyle. Do not listen to those runners who believe that since they run they can eat whatever they want. If your objective is to stay fit, you cannot escape from eating clean and healthy. A good starting point is to calculate your BMI based on your physical activity and tracking the food that you eat with MyFitnessPal.


share your running workouts


Get it social

I know that this can sound a bit frustrating for your friends, but a good way to stay focused is sharing your workouts on Instagram or Strava. Showing that you was able to wake up early in the morning to complete your workout and leaving your comfort zone is a powerful way to prove to the world that you can do that!


Every runner has something to tell! Inspire and motivate others! Share with The Running Journey your running story and it will be published in the next post! 😉


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